WASHINGTON  — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio won the District of Columbia’s Republican caucuses on Saturday, seizing his third primary season victory as a critical contest looms in his home state, GOP voting results showed.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz won most of the delegates at stake in Saturday’s Republican county conventions in Wyoming.

Rubio picked up 10 delegates with his Saturday caucus win in the nation’s capital, according to the results released by party officials. Runner-up John Kasich was just 50 votes behind Rubio, and the Ohio governor will get nine delegates.

None of the other candidates in the race won enough votes to earn any delegates

Earlier this month, Rubio won the GOP caucuses in Minnesota and the party’s primary in Puerto Rico.

Fueled in part by anxiety over Donald Trump, District of Columbia Republicans flocked to a downtown hotel on Saturday to cast ballots in the city’s first-of-its-kind presidential convention.

The convention — essentially a primary conducted in a single, supersized precinct — offered a rare opportunity for Republicans in the overwhelmingly Democratic nation’s capital to cast a meaningful vote, with 19 delegates to the national convention at stake. Thousands of people embraced the opportunity, with some waiting more than 3 hours in a line stretching three full city blocks at times.

In Wyoming, Cruz won nine of the 12 delegates that were up for grabs.  Rubio and Trump won one apiece. One delegate was uncommitted.

The Associated Press was not declaring a winner in Wyoming on Saturday because another 14 of the state’s delegates were to be awarded at the party’s state convention on April 16.

Trump leads the overall race for delegates with 460. Cruz has 369, Rubio has 153 and John Kasich has 54.

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president.

Rubio finished second for the day, narrowly losing in Converse and Teton counties. In Laramie County, Khale Lenhart tried unsuccessfully to get fellow Republicans to send him to the national convention as a Rubio supporter.