In your Feb. 28 Insight section, one commentary lends support to another. Cynthia Dill correctly observes: “After years of hearing from members of Congress and the tea party and angry conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin that government is very, very bad, the electorate is convinced.”

Now jump to Frank Green’s Another View guest editorial asserting that we shouldn’t raise the gas tax to repair Maine’s crumbling infrastructure because, once enacted, the tax might become permanent (like deteriorating infrastructure isn’t?) and because he doesn’t trust politicians in Augusta not to “raid” the new funds for other purposes.

Frank Green has so little trust in our politicians in Augusta that he’s using this as his justification to argue that we should do nothing! Apparently in his mind our government is so broken, we shouldn’t even try to utilize it to solve any of our problems – even obvious ones that hinder economic growth (and that only government can address), such as crumbling roads and bridges. Sad, very sad.

The tea party and angry conservatives have done our country a great disservice.

Andy Wright

Cumberland Foreside