Maryann Larson’s Feb. 23 letter said studies have shown that we are safer without guns.

Try telling that to the hundreds of innocent children who died at Columbine, Newtown, the movie theater in Colorado and all the other massacre sites. How many hundreds of them could have been saved by one honest person with a gun? According to one study, someone with a gun saves someone’s life or stops a crime from happening 2.5 million times a year in America.

What her letter didn’t say is that every study that came to the conclusion that guns are dangerous has already been proven to be either junk science or outright lies. The World Health Organization has said there are 110 other countries more violent than America and everyone of them has banned the private ownership of guns.

One of the problems is people with phobias about guns try to cure their phobias by getting all guns banned everywhere. They want America to be one big gun-free zone. But you can not cure phobias with legislation. Phobias require treatment. Putting us in more danger with their gun free zones that have already been proven to be death traps is not going to cure their phobias about guns.

Instead of making the world more dangerous, tell the anti-gun nuts to seek treatment for their irrational phobias.

Thomas O’Connor