I can not and will not stand idly by while Gov. LePage repeatedly claims that the only people who support the proposal for a new national park or monument in Maine are “rich, out-of-state liberals and people from the Portland area.” This is a lie and a disrespectful one at that.

I am from Millinocket, and I support the proposal for a new national in the Katahdin region because I am dedicated to ensuring my hometown has a bright future.

The Katahdin region saw a lot of changes recently. As a small-business owner, I am not immune to the changes.

As more and more people have left Millinocket, I have had to lower my fees to attract customers.

I need more customers. This business is 23 years in practice and barely sustainable. A national park will bring more people to Millinocket.

Despite the changes to my community, one thing has remained the same: the natural resources that surround us. We need to capitalize on tourism and outdoor recreation.

A national park will help us do that. It will undoubtedly attract more people to this beautiful part of the state, which is good for me and my neighbors.

I can only hope that Sens. King and Collins can see past our governor’s lies and look ahead to a proposal with guaranteed potential for economic growth.

Robin A. Burgess

small business owner