I am a former South Portland resident currently living in Portland. I am writing today to commend Rep. Kevin Battle of District 33, South Portland. Mr. Battle was the only Republican in the House to step across the aisle and vote to close a corporate tax loophole to provide revenue to fund Clean Elections, as voters in November directed the Legislature to do.

Battle was the only Republican who chose to do the right thing and find a fiscally responsible way to honor the will of the people of Maine who spoke clearly in favor of the Clean Elections bill.

Maine is rated as the No. 1 state for its healthy democratic process and, rather than fight this tooth and nail, more of our Republican friends ought to learn to be proud of this fact and proud that we are the nationwide leader in clean elections – especially considering that many on the Republican side have run as Clean Elections candidates.

Thank you Rep. Battle. Your efforts did not go unnoticed.

Chris Hafford


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