Re: “Show about Mount Vernon animal sanctuary canceled after magazine investigation” (March 25):

DEW Haven supporters have proven they have no facts to offer, just the same old “I’ve been to DEW and they love their animals” comments, or worse, “Bob’s a veteran and deserves our support.” Neither have anything to do with following state and federal laws and properly caring for your animals.

Even when presented with state and federal documents that are public record and irrefutable proof of neglect and violations at DEW, co-owners Bob and Julie Miner still continue to clamor with this well-meant nonsense. The reality is that DEW Haven breeds their exotic and wild animals for display and media attention and sells them for profit.

They defraud the public by claiming that the animals residing there are “rescues” and that the babies are “rescued” from their unfit natural mothers, who would never be able to care for them properly.

They lie to the public by claiming they are “saving an endangered species” by breeding white tigers, which can perpetuate genes that make the animal predisposed to health problems and death.

Perpetuating this cycle only harms the animals and species by deliberately contributing to the overpopulation of exotic and wild animals in captivity and does a terrible injustice to the public’s perception of the prearranged captive bred animals living on exhibit. Legitimate, valid and accredited rescue sanctuaries do not breed, buy, sell or handle the animals for the public. Period.

I encourage viewers to do their own research on this matter.

Monica Hooper


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