The Market Basket strike of 2014, the one that left shelves in the Biddeford supermarket and others bare, is the subject of a new documentary, “We the People: The Market Basket Effect,” opening midmonth in New England theaters, including one in Maine.

The film will have a two-day run at Eveningstar Cinema in Brunswick starting April 15. It is described as “an epic account” with “plot turns worthy of a Greek tragedy” of the family feud that led to Arthur T. Demoulas being stripped of his position as chief executive of the Massachusetts-based chain. Better known as “Artie,” Demoulas was a generous boss and had won such fierce loyalty from the company’s 25,000 employees that they rallied around him and began to strike after his cousin Arthur S. Demoulas ousted him.

“We the People” is narrated by Michael Checklis, star of television’s “The Shield” and “American Horror Story.” It’s directed by Tommy Reid. In press materials for the film, producer Nick Buzzell says he was blown away by what was happening and assembled a “SWAT team” to start filming even before they had investors.

The strike, which included walkouts by delivery drivers, lasted six weeks and led to customers joining in on the boycott. (Although skeptics pointed to empty shelves as the more likely cause of customer boycott; there wasn’t much left to buy.) The standoff was resolved when Arthur T. Demoulas and his sisters bought out his cousin’s shares in the company, incurring more than half a billion dollars in debt.

The movie is showing elsewhere in New England and filmmakers hope to book additional showings. See a full listing at

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