I, too, share the outrage that Republicans will not be allowed to carry guns into the convention this summer. The nerve of the Secret Service. What are they thinking? They have obviously not bought into the clear logic that the more guns we carry, the safer we are.

Can you imagine a less safe environment than thousands of Republicans all gathered together at a convention and not one carrying? Insanity!

I really think the National Rifle Association and Republican bigwigs should bring the same muscle to this that they do demanding guns in schools, churches and bars. Why should a school be any safer than the Republican convention?

They should demand that everyone not only be allowed to carry but should be forced to carry. And that, of course, includes the candidates. Ted Cruz can bring that AR-15 he cooked the bacon on, and maybe Donald Trump can find George S. Patton’s twin Colts and wear them in holsters. That would be so cool! And, of course … safe.

Peyton Higgison


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