Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has revealed that he’s been invited to the Vatican to visit Pope Francis.

Sanders didn’t say in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday when the trip would occur, but said he was very moved by the invitation.

The New York Times has reported the meeting will take place at the Vatican next Friday and the two will discuss environmental sustainability and the global economy.

Sanders is Jewish. He says he’s a “very, very big fan of the pope,” although he says the pair has differences on some issues.

On “Morning Joe” Sanders explained that while he disagrees with Pope Francis on issues relating to women’s rights or gay rights, he admires the pope for speaking about income inequality and the need for people to help one another.

The Vermont senator says he respects the pope’s statements bemoaning “the idolatry of money” in too many societies.

“He has played an unbelievable role, an unbelievable role of injecting a moral consequence into the economy,” said Sanders, who would become the first Jewish president in the United States if elected.

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