Let’s settle this ongoing dispute between restaurant owners and waiters and waitresses once and for all!

The tip, which stems from an old English acronym “to insure promptness,” is long outdated. It is not even employed as intended. The “p” for promptness referred to the gratuity being awarded before the meal was ordered. Now, diners tip at the conclusion of dining, when the bill is presented. Some servers have complained they end up with no gratuity, or are “stiffed.” This could happen when foreign guests are accustomed to a percentage added to the bill.

My proposal, as implemented in many restaurants in New York City and other progressive states or municipalities, is to add 18 percent to cost of the food/drink, plainly advertised, and pay the servers $14 to $15 per hour. This might take a year or more to implement. I would gladly appreciate such a process.

P.S. Patrons wishing to leave an additional percentage for “extraordinary” service may do so at their discretion.

Bill Farrington

Old Orchard Beach

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