“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

The very active imaginations of the artists have allowed them to enthrall, thrill and enchant us. Art is made to communicate to the world. Artists are people who listen carefully to what is trying to be born through them. The making of art is their birthright. It is a great grace that we are born creative beings.

Art is central and dignified and important to the human race. Artists listen for the voice of inspiration, aspire to excellence and hold themselves accountable to high ideals. I have seen the creative power that moves through artists. (Not me. I am not an artist.) I always marveled at the wonderful, beautiful creations my late father and brother produced. Their hands were blessed.

It takes courage and heart to make art, and it takes courage and heart to support art makers. In our culture, we must encourage the tender young artist that holds promise to bloom.

There is a creative power that moves through artists. They are bearers of gifts that ask only to be used. Our communities encourage the living pulse of creativity within us. And there is a great deal of talent. It is all around us.

If we are to take heart and encourage ourselves, we must first find our heart. James Cotsis found his heart and his way unerringly to the place from which accomplishment is possible. He takes great pride and gives individual attention to fine custom framing at his Four Corners Frame Shop and Gallery, located in the North Dam Mill in Biddeford.

Being a fine arts major who taught visual art at the University of New England, he planned his shop with islands of surprises: framing materials, textures, wood, metal and many styles and colors. He shares a love of natural beauty and has a passion to create order. With a frame for his vision of life and a sensitivity to beauty, he passionately believes in the idea of improvement.

Having worked for Sam’s and 30 years with other companies, he is a professional, custom, conservation picture framer. He offers other options: repairing, restoring to original state and custom service. Sort of a facelift. Patience, hard work and a clever plan lead to success.

James’ former business partner/co-owner, Tina Johnson, played an instrumental role in helping the business grow from the ground up, orchestrating the social media aspect as well as being a very talented picture framer. James feels very fortunate to have had such a great business partner as Tina, who has a background in photography and also is a talented and creative artist. Tina has moved on to open her own community dark room center for film development at the Engine Gallery in Biddeford.

We have the Art Walk in April and the display of artwork at the museum and libraries to look forward to.

Engine Gallery invites visual artists and designers to submit contemporary artwork created utilizing digital fabrication techniques for a curated exhibition to be held at Engine May 9 to June 24.

— Zaffie Hadiaris of Saco is the host of “Zaffie,” a weekly television talk show on Channel 3 Biddeford public access. It can also be seen at biddefordmaine.org. Contact Hadiaris at [email protected]

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