I totally agree with Gov. Paul LePage that the position needs a raise to $150,000. Why do some state and local officials make more than he does? Why does a city administrator, town manager or any other employee on a state or local level make $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 a year more than the governor?

I would like state and local employees who make more than the governor’s $70,000 a year published in a survey to compare with other states. Everyone – senators, congressmen, DOT officials, state and local government.

In the real world, it would be a laborer making more money than his/her foreman/supervisor. That doesn’t happen. Isn’t the governor the boss of all state workers, and in a sense all local government officials and employees? Can someone give me a good reason why all these people make more money in a year than the governor of the state of Maine?

Leon A. Tsomides
Old Orchard Beach