When I was younger, I liked to watch wrestling. Chief Jay Strong Bull was my favorite wrestler. When he got upset, he would go in the middle of the ring and do his Indian war dance. He would throw his opponent all around the ring. When I got to be older, I realized it was all entertainment.

I can say the same thing about Fox News Channel. At first, I thought they were the “fair and balanced” channel. I was wrong.

When Donald Trump threatened the channel’s CEO Roger Aisles, changes were made. Show hosts were given instructions.

The Friday before Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary election, Sean Hannity had Ted Cruz on his show four days before the election. He had Trump the Monday night before Tuesday’s election. Less than 24 hours before the election. Hannity helped Trump on agenda items, jobs, foreign affairs policies, etc., etc. Hannity, I found out, is in Trump’s pocket.

Recently, Bill O’Reilly had Ted Cruz on his show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” for about 12 minutes. Have you ever watched O’Reilly? He won’t allow his guests time to finish a sentence. He will interrupt them. I was happy when Cruz told O’Reilly the truth: “You’re Trump’s best friend.” Cruz wanted to debate Trump on O’Reilly’s show.

Trump’s a chicken. He won’t debate, because all he can do is “bully” his opponents.

Greta Van Susteren’s “On the Record” show tells her viewers she has no interest in her guests’ political opinions on her show. When she talks with Trump’s children or Trump, her face lights up like a Christmas tree.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich depend on lobbyists for help. All Trump has to do is call Fox News Channel any time of day, and they will give him all the free time on television he wants.

What did CEO Roger Aisles tell his employees?

Conrad Boisvert
Old Orchard Beach