Re: “Earth’s temperature just shattered the thermometer” (April 19):

I am a meteorologist and climatologist and agree we are in a global warming cycle and agree the strong El Niño caused 11 straight months of above-normal temperatures around the world – but this is where the politicizing must stop.

All global warming cycles alternate from warm to cold approximately every 220 years, and there have been five such cycles during the past 1,100 years. The last global warming cycle ended right around the year 1799 – the current global warming cycle will likewise end about 220 years later (in 2019).

Actually, prior to the past 11 months, which have been warmed by the El Niño (this is what an El Niño does), the prior two winters were very cold and snowy across much of the United States, and the Arctic and Greenland showed major ice restoration.

What does this all mean? Now that the El Niño is ending, the High Arctic is already responding and cooling rapidly, much like it did prior to the warm El Niño. The 11 consecutive warm months recorded around the world were mainly because of warm Pacific Ocean water associated with the El Niño – this is normal.

Now it will all come to a rapid end and global cooling will take control this winter and especially during the 75-year period from 2020 through 2095.

David Dilley


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