Hannah Renyi of Cumberland runs By Goldenstar, which makes and sells high-end princess gowns and accessories for young children.

Her custom creations stem from her “lifelong love of gowns, costumes and all things swirly and lovely,” she says on her website, bygoldenstar.com.

Renyi designs and stitches each garment herself, and prices range from $80 for ruffly tutus to more than $350 for elaborate dresses.

“By not associating my creations with a specific princess character, they open doors to creativity, allowing the girls to invent their own stories as they play,” Renyi writes on the site.

She makes most of her pieces for specific girls, who often select their favorite color or fabric. “I then take their thoughts and ideas and create an item that I know will delight them as they see their vision come to life,” Renyi writes.

A costume design major at college, she went on to work for a women’s clothing company before her own young daughter ignited her imagination – and her entrepreneurial spirit.