David Dilley’s assertion (“Letter to the editor: Global warming cycles part of natural sequence of events,” April 28) that the Arctic is seeing “major ice restoration” is patently false. The facts are exactly opposite: A NASA headline on March 28 announced “2016 Arctic sea ice wintertime extent hits another record low.” (Fact-checkers can Google that title for confirmation.)

Likewise, Dilley’s claim that natural cycles can explain our climate’s current changes is false because he ignores the well-known impact of greenhouse gas buildup on the atmosphere’s temperature.

Greenhouse gas warming is not a novel idea; it was discovered and explained 121 years ago, in 1895. It has been validated, both theoretically and observationally, in thousands of scientific studies performed by scientists in hundreds of countries.

I, along with 97 percent of meteorologists, accept the overwhelming evidence that greenhouse gas pollution contributes in major ways to climate change. And I do not appreciate seeing a professional colleague playing fast and loose with scientific facts.

Eric “Bill” Danielson