Genetically modified mosquitoes are coming to Grand Cayman.

On Thursday, British manufacturer Oxitec announced it had finalized a deal with government officials to release its modified males on the island’s western tip to battle Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the invasive bug that carries the Zika virus and other dangerous diseases. The move comes six years after a field trial on the island, the first ever for the altered insects, generated controversy for providing too little notice to citizens.

This time around, officials plan to meet with residents and conduct a town hall meeting in upcoming weeks. The decision also follows the release of millions of mosquitoes in Brazil, the epicenter of a severe Zika outbreak, that helped quiet some opposition.

While no cases of Zika have occurred in the Caymans, the country remains on alert because the disease has popped up “in many of our neighboring countries,” Premier Alden McLaughlin said