We have just returned from a most entertaining event put on by Circus of Maine: their Spring Fling Cabaret, held at their headquarters on Thompson’s Point.

I have driven past Thompson’s Point, headed south on Interstate 295, hundreds of times. So of course I thought I knew exactly how to get there. Wrong. We found it after several false turns.

But here’s my beef: Unless I missed it, there is not a single sign directing drivers to Thompson’s Point on 295, or once you exit 295. And once you finally find Thompson’s Point behind the train station/bus depot, there’s nary a sign that says “Circus of Maine.”

This is a unique organization that deserves our support, as do other ventures already in place or planned for Thompson’s Point. Surely the city of Portland can support them with better signage, and we can all applaud them by attending one of their monthly cabarets. You won’t be disappointed.

Marjorie Stone


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