The School Administrative District 6 Board of Directors wants a “prompt resolution” for the superintendent’s violation of the district’s nepotism policy. For the good of the school system, Frank Sherburne should resign from his position as the superintendent of schools.

From Feb. 8 to March 11, Frank Sherburne’s son Zachariah Sherburne was employed at Buxton Center Elementary School, in violation of the district’s nepotism policy. Is the superintendent so omnipotent that he thinks the rules do not apply to him?

By allowing his son to work in the district, the superintendent demonstrated a profound lack of judgment. He set his son up for intense public scrutiny. He placed a first-year principal in the compromised position of supervising the superintendent’s kid.

With his silence, he put the board in the position of having to excuse the inexcusable to justify actions that warrant no justification. How can the superintendent hold students, faculty and staff accountable for making poor choices if this behavior is modeled by the superintendent himself?

The SAD 6 nepotism policy can be found in its entirety on the district’s website. The “exception” provision requires the superintendent to “… submit (supervision) procedures to the Board for its consideration and possible approval.” No such procedure was considered or approved by the board.

When a leader leads by modeling “Do as I say, not as I do,” his credibility and integrity is diminished. By refusing to admit mistakes or take responsibility for his actions, he loses the respect of his subordinates and the community he serves. His character is in question, and he can no longer be an effective leader.


The “prompt resolution for the good of the school system” that the board is seeking would be achieved with the resignation of Superintendent Frank Sherburne.

Carolyn Biegel

former member, SAD 6 Board of Directors


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