I am stunned. How could the Legislature and our governor be so imprudent?

We gleefully subsidize a Wall Street hedge fund that owns a couple of biomass generators so that we can keep Mainers in 20th-century jobs, trucking waste to these plants.

The governor, who allegedly hates all welfare, happily signs the bill. The governor then vetoes a bill designed to develop 21st-century technology in the solar energy field because it would raise our electricity rates.

The biomass power plant subsidy doesn’t show up on your utility bill. It’s in your Internal Revenue Service tax statement. But it’s the same thing – a $13 million subsidy.

I say shame on those legislators who voted against the solar bill. They can’t even say they didn’t know what they were doing.

Young, smart and ambitious entrepreneurs in Maine who have invested their time and talent in a growth industry have been cut off at the knees while the fat cats feed off our cash to keep Mainers employed in dead-end jobs for a couple more years. That’s ridiculous.

John Schaberg