I write to express my disappointment in state Rep. Michael Timmons, R-Cumberland, for walking out on his constituents when Maine’s solar energy industry was on the line in Augusta.

On April 29, legislators in Augusta tried to override Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of LD 1649. If passed, the bill would have created 650 new jobs in Maine’s solar energy industry, increased the amount of electricity Maine gets from solar panels, and reduced electricity rates over time. Despite all of this, LePage vetoed the bill, setting up the veto override attempt.

On the first override, Timmons voted in support of the bill and to override the veto, which I appreciate. A second vote was held about two hours later, but rather than cast a vote, Timmons waited in the House Minority office while the vote took place. He didn’t even cast a vote.

Taking a walk on this vote is the equivalent of switching his vote against the bill. The bill would have passed the House if Timmons and his colleagues who took a walk had voted to override the veto. Timmons managed to vote on 30 other veto override attempts that day. Why not on LD 1649? 

Our legislators are elected to represent their constituents’ interests. Instead, Timmons sided with LePage. Now, Maine’s solar industry is at risk.

Michael G. Williams