Santo Peter Donatelli stands over his pressing machine at the entrance to Liliana’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning, his body a constant flurry of motion. Hands fly around the ironing board smoothing out wrinkles as his foot pumps the pedal for an appropriate amount of steam.

“I press about 70 to 80 pieces of clothing a day,” Donatelli said without looking up from the task at hand.

Donatelli, 49, has worked at the family-run business on Munjoy Hill in various roles since he was 9 and now serves as general manager, keeping an eye on all aspects of the business.

“The hours are the hardest part,” Donatelli said. “I work six days a week and often come in on Sundays and get the occasional 2 a.m. phone call.”

Donatelli wouldn’t specify his income but said the job affords him and his family a middle-class lifestyle.

Despite the tough hours, Donatelli enjoys his time behind the pressing machine because it gives him a chance to socialize with his broad base of customers.

“Clothes go beyond race and religion,” he said. “I try to be as open and inclusive as I can be.”

You can find Liliana’s Laundry on Facebook and at 111 Congress St.