My wife and I are very fortunate to live in a condominium at the Bay House on Hancock Street, which is part of the India Street neighborhood.

The Bay House has 86 units that have contributed at least an additional $700,000 in taxes to the city this past year. Unfortunately, there are no children in our building, but that also means no additional burden on the Portland school system.

Where does all of this extra tax revenue go?

We are proud to be living in Portland, and I would expect our city councilors to stand by the India Street Public Health Center and vote against closing it.

This neighborhood is growing with more condos and even more additional tax dollars forthcoming for the city. The health center was here before us to help so many people who are less fortunate. They are part of our neighborhood.

Please vote against closing the India Street Public Health Center. Find another way to fix the city budget.

Bill Campbell