BARRINGTON, N.H. — Volunteers are being sought to help restore habitat for the endangered New England cottontail rabbit.

Native shrubs will be planted for the rabbits to use for shelter in Barrington on May 21.

The cottontail is on both Maine’s and New Hampshire’s endangered species list. The rabbit relies on dense shrubland, or thickets, to survive. More than 100 wildlife species also use this type of habitat.

Volunteers will be planting 250 shrubs on a site that was recently cleared to manage as a New England cottontail habitat.

“This is a great opportunity to spend a morning outdoors and do good work for the benefit of an endangered wildlife species here in New Hampshire,” says Haley Andreozzi, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Wildlife Outreach Coordinator.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program is coordinating the restoration of the New England cottontail in New Hampshire.