June 14 will show how much we really care for North Yarmouth.

Supposedly the vote is about rebuilding Wescustogo Hall and refurbishing the North Yarmouth Memorial School gym. In fact, voting for this proposal means we’re ignoring any vision for a town center.

What has happened? Instead of a unified site for town facilities and room for growth and future projects, we’re instead presented with a plan that sells off half the property and crams together playing fields, Wescustogo, a gym, septic fields, and a 32-lot subdivision. And it leaves out a key item: our town offices.

Vote no on this one. Let’s buy some time to bring on a town-planning consultant to help guide us in creating a sound plan for today and for the future.

The decisions we make today will determine if North Yarmouth’s center becomes known for subdivision housing, or for its well-planned, vibrant, robust town center.

Diane Morrison
North Yarmouth