As a student who attends Bonny Eagle High School, I can attest to the great work that Superintendent Frank Sherburne is doing for School Administrative District 6. He puts the students and their education first all the time. I have seen this time and time again. I’ve known the superintendent for three years through serving on the school board and sub-committees as a student representative. Under his tenure, he started the weekend backpack program to feed children in need, brought Chinese language education to Buxton Center Elementary School, and under his leadership graduation rates and grades have increased while the dropout and failure rate has declined.

To address the claims of nepotism, while policy has been violated, the superintendent had received approval from the SAD 6 board chairwoman and vice chairman. The superintendent is not responsible for his son’s actions – he is a grown adult and he must be responsible for himself. The behavior of parents and community members who go to school board meetings and hurl egregious slurs and profane language at the superintendent and school board members is disturbing.

Adults are supposed to be role models for the children. Show them how to voice their opinions professionally in an open democratic society. Adults also need to show children the gift of how to hold in their emotions when they feel so strongly about something. Be respectful, courteous, and dignified in your expressions of your opinions.

Trevor J. Hustus

Hollis Center

Secretary of the Bonny Eagle High School Student Council