I greatly appreciated the in-depth May 13 article on the warden conduct (“Targets of another warden sting criticize conduct of investigator”).

In the details that were provided was something that caught my attention. The list of crimes allegedly committed included “carrying a loaded gun in a car.” I didn’t know this, and now that I do, I have questions.

First: Does this law literally only apply to cars, or are trucks included? Is this an intended wiggle-room loophole? Second: For those who have an open-carry permit, must their weapon be unloaded in the vehicle and loaded only after exiting the vehicle?

Not knowing the answer to these questions leads me to ask if the laws governing the general population are different from the laws governing those with open-carry permits. I’m going to try to find out, and if it turns out that (a) the laws equally apply or (b) the laws are different, how did this come about? If they are different, why should open-carry individuals have an “exception”?

Mark Schwartz

South Portland