Warmer weather has finally arrived. We see RSU 5 students out running and participating in Spring sports. This is a reminder that our communities are working diligently and collaboratively to privately fund a tack and field at Freeport High School which will benefit not only our students, but all the residents of Durham, Freeport, and Pownal.

You may ask, “Why should I make a personal commitment to donate?” Here are five good reasons:

Now is the time. The high school construction is under way, so building the track and turf field just makes sense.

This opportunity will not arise again in the near future. Nike has pledged $1 million to the project and there is significant additional private funding already in place.

This project will finally put RSU 5 facilities on par with peer schools. FHS is currently the only class B school in southern Maine with no track.

The project will benefit the entire community by providing a safe and affordable place for all of our residents to exercise.

The track and field will put the “town” back in “downtown” – serving as a community gathering spot right in the heart of Freeport.

You can read more and make your donation online by visiting tritowntrack.com. When we build it, they will run.

Maddy Vertenten


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