I urge support for Dr. Charles Radis, who is running for the Maine Senate. He’d bring two characteristics to the Legislature that are in short supply.

 First: He’s a practicing physician. Health-related issues are of increasing importance in the legislative process; he would bring facts and firsthand knowledge to the debate.

 Second: He lives (year round) on Peaks Island. His knowledge of the unique needs/difficulties that island communities face would again inform the legislative debate.

Beyond these factors, Dr. Radis is the only legislative candidate who’s openly stated that if the Affordable Care Act cannot finally get past Gov. LePage’s vetoes, he’ll lead the fight to take the issue to a citizens initiative. No member of the Legislature has staked out this position.

In short, Dr. Radis is smart, and he has moxie. The Senate needs people with these qualities. Vote for Dr. Radis in the June 14 Democratic primary.

Orlando E. Delogu