Please support the Yarmouth school budget. I’m frankly astounded by the handful of complaints and “arguments” (if you can call them that) against passage. Bloated budget? Hardly. System administration represents 3.6 percent of the overall budget (with no curriculum director, no assistant superintendent, no technology director – common in other districts.) Excessive spending? No. Yarmouth’s per-pupil spending has gone down for years and is lower than many surrounding communities; this barely catches up. High mil rate? No. It just appears high because we haven’t had a property reevaluation in years. Contingency? Conservative: Just 0.4 percent. The facts clearly state “yes.”

I’ve lived in other states in communities with amazing schools. The schools define the communities and you get what you pay for. If we want the next generation of Mainers to compete in a world economy, we need to pass this budget – and then some.

Vote yes. Support the budget.

Michael Burgmaier