We have been blessed throughout our years as a democratic country to have had an outstanding collection of Americans who have defended our shores through difficult times. It is only right that on this Memorial Day, our gratitude should be even more pronounced.

Our men and women in uniform endure great stress, not only while in their service defending our country but also when they return. Their re-entry back into the fast and challenging life of being a civilian can be overwhelming for many. We must do all we can to assist them back into a return that truly shows our sincere gratitude for what they did.

We also should never forget those heroes of war like John McCain, who showed all of us his great courage while enduring over five years of captivity after his Navy aircraft was shot down during the Vietnam War. His return to contribute more service to his country by being a well-respected U.S senator from Arizona demonstrates his great love of country.

Let all Americans, even Donald Trump (who said McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured), neither forget nor take for granted the sacrifices that these brave men and women have made and are still making so as to allow all of us to live in a more secure freedom.

John Oser