Is it just me who gets upset reading in the paper how our idiots in D.C. are negotiating to sell heavy armament to Vietnam under the guise that our old enemy, who killed more than 50,000 of our country’s finest, is worried about China possibly turning on them?

What’s next – selling arms to North Korea and any other old enemy so the plutocrats in big business can rake in more and more profits from supplying all of them?

I must again quote a two-time Medal of Honor recipient and Marine Corps two-star general, Smedley Butler, who summed it up wonderfully in his book “War Is a Racket.”

On this Memorial Day, as I make my many visits to visit old military friends not here anymore, I look back on the horrors of war and wonder how much longer we must continue to engage in combat over moot causes.

Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, when closing the book on World War II, said wisely, “It is my fervent hope and prayer that the unparalleled unity which has been achieved among the Allied Nations in war will be a source of inspiration for, and point the way to, a permanent and lasting peace.”

That’s my hope, too. And I’m sure all my military friends agree. Amen.

Frank Slason