In the wake of daily gun violence, it would be appropriate to review the purpose and objectives of the leading gun-rights advocacy group, the National Rifle Association. Following are the contents of this document along with what, in my opinion, are appropriate observations:

n “To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” (This statement should be changed to read: “to protect and defend only the Second Amendment guaranteeing our right to bear arms. All other amendments have lost their relevance.”)

n “To promote public safety, law and order, and the national defense.” (Our public safety is constantly jeopardized by weapons protected by the NRA. Public officials responsible for law and order are handicapped by lack of enforceable gun-control legislation blocked by the NRA’s lobbying arm and political action committee.)

n “To train members of law enforcement agencies, the armed forces, the militia and people in good repute in marksmanship and in the safe handling and efficient use of small arms.” (I would add: “We will not be held accountable for any small or automatic arms that fall into the hands of people in bad repute.”)

n “To foster and promote the shooting sports.” (Responsible training for gun safety.)

n “To promote hunter safety.” (Worthy goal to sustain Maine’s age-old tradition.)

I would suggest an addition to this mission statement: “To actively defeat all gun control legislation, regardless of merit. To support only political candidates, no matter their lack of qualifications, who favor unregulated possession of firearms. To oppose any candidate for public office, no matter how qualified, who advocates gun control legislation.”

As the direct result of daily gun violence, our nation is in a state of perpetual mourning. When will the “law-abiding” members of the NRA concede their inflexible defense of the “right to bear arms”?

Sam Kamin