Former customers of a Cumberland businessman who arranged vacation tours on their behalf and then failed to deliver will receive restitution.

Attorney General Janet Mills announced Thursday that her office reached an agreement with Barry Somes to pay restitution to 38 customers who were promised services that were never provided. They will share in $30,728 in restitution, according to a release from the AG’s office. Somes has agreed to pay restitution to any bona fide future claims arising from his past practice and he is permanently enjoined from operating similar businesses.

In February, the state filed an Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act complaint against Somes, of Cumberland Center. The complaint alleged that Somes operated under numerous business names, including as a nonprofit, failed to deliver on promised vacation tours after taking advance payments, failed to make promised donations and failed to provide refunds to affected consumers.

Somes operated businesses including TourBUSters and Club Impac, among others, and a nonprofit called Lids For Kids. The businesses purported to offer motor coach tours to destinations around the northeastern United States and Canada, promising that net profits from the tours would be donated to benefit children, but then didn’t follow through. In the last several years, the Attorney General’s Office received dozens of complaints from consumers seeking refunds of deposits paid to Somes.

Through the settlement, Somes does not admit to this conduct, but he has agreed to pay restitution and to refrain from any similar conduct in the future.

The AG’s office is interested in hearing from other consumers who may have had similar dealings with Somes and may be owed a refund. They are encouraged to contact the AG’s Consumer Protection Division at [email protected] or 1-800-436-2131.