Yarmouth’s Economic Development Advisory Board is helping our community grow in responsible ways that both broaden our tax base and preserve Yarmouth’s special character. Not surprisingly, the quality of our schools comes up consistently as one of our greatest strengths.

That is why we urge Yarmouth citizens to support the education budget that will go before the town meeting June 7 and to the voters June 14.

Comparisons with other southern Maine communities show Yarmouth’s per-pupil costs to be in the middle of the pack, though our schools are consistently rated among the very best in the state. And town leaders have held the line on property taxes for the past three years, with a slight decrease projected for the 2016-17 budget.

For those of us engaged in shaping Yarmouth’s economic future, the proposed school budget is a responsible, prudent investment that deserves support.

Peter L. Haynes

chair, Economic Development Advisory Board