A former school board member from Cumberland is campaigning to reclaim the seat from which he resigned last year, but must defeat a former town councilor to do so.

Peter Wilson briefly served on the Maine School Administrative District 51 Board of Directors before resigning in September 2015 with more than a year left on his term. He is running against Michael Perfetti, an at-large town councilor from 2007-2013, to fill the remaining year of the three-year term. MSAD 51 covers Cumberland and North Yarmouth.

Candidates for three-year terms on the Town Council and school board are running unopposed. The election is June 14.

Wilson, a former corporate tax accountant, was appointed to the school board in 2013 and elected in 2014 to a full three-year term. He resigned in September 2015.

“I became, frankly, disgusted with the way they were operating,” Wilson said. He said he was unhappy that the board sought what he said was unneeded legal advice about the appointment of officers, among other things, and said the board provided misleading and inaccurate budget information about the district’s per-pupil cost.

Even though he isn’t sure whether anything has changed, Wilson said he wants to return.

If elected, Wilson said, he wants to provide an accurate per-pupil education cost, make sure information published by the board is vetted so it is accurate and clearly worded, and make the district more efficient. Even though its student population is declining, the district is still hiring new staff, he said.

“That doesn’t seem efficient to me,” he said.

Perfetti said he doesn’t have a specific platform for his candidacy, but wants to make sure the school district continues to provide a balanced liberal arts education.

The public education SAD 51 provides is very strong, Perfetti said, but he wants to ensure that the current focus on science and math doesn’t overshadow other subjects such as literature, performing arts or social studies.

“I think sometimes we get caught in movements, right now everyone is talking about science, technology and math,” he said. “Those are important, but I don’t want those to drown out other parts of education.”

Perfetti also supports developing a proposal for a new performing arts center at Greely High School that could provide opportunities students don’t have now. The proposed addition is part of the district’s strategic plan, but is just at the beginning stages and he supports working through the process to see how it will benefit students and the community.

“I have a feeling the community wants to talk about this and seriously consider it,” he said.

Other municipal candidates include incumbent Town Councilors Peter Bingham and Michael Edes, school board members Michael Brown and Geraldine Sanchez and Portland Water District Trustee William Lunt. All officers are running unopposed.