It’s that time of the year: Colleges and universities have their commencement ceremonies, honoring their senior graduating classes, seeing them off to their newfound freedom and moving on with their future and what lies ahead.

You can’t help but notice who the commencement speakers are. They come from all walks of life, some famous and others not so famous. Regardless, they are generally interesting.

In my opinion, the colleges themselves should remind the speakers (whoever they are) that politics and religion have no place in their address. More often than not, speakers who are politicians or media people take the opportunity to voice their own opinion in such matters.

Take, for example, Barack Obama at Rutgers University, saying awful things about Donald Trump’s proposals, just because he can. Most recently, Arianna Huffington at Colby College, telling graduates not to be like Donald Trump. And there are others.

Commencement speakers should talk about what lies ahead for these graduates and their generation. But the progressive, left-wing, liberal professors who run these colleges have an agenda to further their cause and take every opportunity to profess this ideology to their students.

Norman Baker