On June 14, I will be voting for Ande Smith.

The 1st District Congressional Primary offers Maine and the country an unusual candidate. Not only is Ande a strong Republican candidate with an impressive background, he has something only one other member of Congress has –  comprehensive cyber security expertise. In this day and age, this particular area of knowledge can be vitally important for our national security as well as for each individual.

Congress’ low approval rating is well-known. Congress is frequently mired in gridlock and has had difficulty even producing basic balanced budgets. People agree Washington would benefit from fresh faces with new energy. Ande Smith wants to roll up his sleeves and help fix what is wrong in Washington. He knows that we must control the expansion of our federal government, push back on unlawful executive authority, and eliminate unnecessary government regulations. He is committed to doing what is right for our country and will respect the principles that have allowed our country to thrive.

Our federal government has significant problems that require leaders with real world experience to help correct. I know that Ande is determined to help guide those changes and put us back on stronger footing so that we can build a stronger future. Please join me and vote for Ande Smith for Congress.

State Rep. Heather W. Sirocki
District 28 – Serving part of Scarborough

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