After graduating from Cape Elizabeth High School on Sunday, June 12, Tully Matusko will follow a different path from his classmates – he’s going straight to work instead of pursuing a post-secondary education.

Matusko, 18, will work at Mega Industries LLC in Gorham. The company specializes in producing “high-power, high-quality components and systems for our customers in the scientific, commercial and military sectors,” according to its website.

Matusko, who grew up in Cape, has attended the Portland Arts & Technology High School, or PATHS, for the past couple years, where he’s been a standout in the welding program. In fact, he’s already earned two national welding certifications in structural welding.

Matusko said this week he’s always been hands-on and always enjoyed “working with metal and wood.” He even started welding years before attending PATHS, which is why he thought the welding and metalworking program there “would be great for me.”

In the past several years, he said, “I have learned a lot about metal and welded at PATHS for countless hours every day of the school year.”

His parents are Dan and Joanne Matusko. His father is an arborist and his mother is an art teacher. Tully also has two older siblings, a brother, Daniel, who is 23, and a sister, Rachel, who is 21.

Matusko got his job at Mega Industries through PATHS after learning earlier this year that the company was looking for workers in the welding and brazing line of work.

Right now Matusko is unsure if there is further schooling in his future.

“I really enjoy working with metal and welding and brazing and I haven’t given (college) much thought. I did not apply anywhere this past year,” he said this week.

Matusko did not participate in clubs or sports in school, but had fun with his friends working on and riding in boats, dirt bikes and four wheelers. He also has many other hobbies.

“I love to hunt and fly fish as well as work,” he said. “I’ve even built a handful of wooden boats over the years.”

Matusko has thoroughly enjoyed his time at PATHS and called Bill Presby, who teaches welding technology and blacksmithing basics there, a true mentor.

“Mr. Presby and his welding technology class got me through high school. There was nothing I enjoyed more than driving to Portland to attend his class and weld and work with him on projects,” Matusko said.

Jeff Shedd, the principal at Cape Elizabeth High School, called Matusko “a passionate, highly skilled welder and a really, really nice young man.”

Matusko said that praise from Shedd “means a lot. It’s nice to know that he recognizes me (and that) I just had different goals than most kids at Cape.”

Not much for formal schooling, Matusko said what he will most enjoy about graduating with 142 other classmates Sunday is not having to attend class anymore.

A closer look

Cape Elizabeth High School will hold its graduation ceremony at 1 p.m. on Sunday, June 12, at Fort Williams Park, 1000 Shore Road. Call 799-3309 for more information.

Tully Matusko

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