The Freeport Farmers Market will not reopen.

In recent years it had been held on Friday afternoons at L.L. Bean’s Moose Parking Lot. Angela Streeter, owner of The Craftin’ Scot, who managed the Freeport Farmers Market, said that vendors began dropping out last year, amid lagging sales.

“We tried to donate with vouchers for people who use Freeport Community Services, and not even that got used,” Streeter said. “There weren’t enough customers. We had plenty of interest from crafts people, but farmers had more interest in larger Saturday markets.”

She also said that parking is difficult to find on summer days in the L.L. Bean parking lot, and many people who do find parking are tourists – not your typical farmers market customer.

Streeter said that the Freeport Farmers Market had been held outside the Town Hall prior to locating outside L.L. Bean.

“It has been tried many times in Freeport and it hasn’t seemed to pan out very well,” she said. “L.L. Bean did its best to help, and the vendors tried.”

Deede Montgomery, co-owner of Bessie’s Farm Goods on Litchfield Road, said that Bessie’s dropped out of the farmers market last year. The market fared better at the Town Hall because it was more accessible with more parking, she said.

“L.L. Bean was wonderful, but everybody knows that L.L. Bean’s parking lot, in the middle of the summer, you just can’t find parking,” Montgomery said. “And the tourists aren’t out to buy perishable stuff.”

Streeter said that Freeport residents still have plenty of options when it comes to buying fresh, local produce – Bessie’s, for one. Bow Street Market, Royal River Natural Foods, Wealdon Farm and Wolfe’s Neck Farm all can meet that demand, she said.

The Freeport Farmers Market, shown here from 2015, is not opening this season.

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