Re: The Washington Post’s “Another View: Clinton should battle Trump with sound ideas,” which ran June 11 in the Portland Press Herald:

Hillary Clinton’s presumptive presidential nomination has less to do with merit and more to do with President Bill Clinton’s coattails. Years ago, she apparently saw in her husband a catalyst to launch her ambitions and stayed with him to reach that end. Ralph Nader describes Hillary Clinton’s turn as “dictatorship,” since she was preselected by the powers that be.

The Post claims Hillary Clinton has respect for the “art of governing” but needs to “fill in the blanks of her own foreign policy intentions.” The art of governing is talking points, whereas governing is filling in the blanks, like concluding that gun control is an appropriate response to Islamic terrorism.

Hillary Clinton, like President Obama, is neither a leader nor a problem-solver but an agitator for special interests.

Kevin Benjamin

South Portland

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