The CEO of the Maine Heritage Policy Center will be the new co-host of WGAN’s morning program, replacing Mike Violette, who recently left the show after 12 years.

The new co-host, Matthew Gagnon, was announced in a statement by WGAN owner Portland Radio Group. WGAN broadcasts on 560 and 1400 AM, and 105.5 FM.

Gagnon has been a frequent guest host for WGAN’s morning show and has been a conservative voice and political analyst for the weekly “Eye on Politics” segment.

The new show, which will begin broadcasting Monday, will feature longtime WGAN radio personality Ken Altshuler, Gagnon and morning show executive producer Olivia Gunn. The show will be called “Mornings with Ken, Matt and Olivia.”

Altshuler has been on the morning show for 13 years.

Gagnon, of Yarmouth, will continue as CEO of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, a conservative public policy center.

“Matt’s career is based in and revolves around politics,” said Bob Adams, vice president and general manager of the Portland Radio Group, in a news release. “It’s what he does and it’s what he knows. He is the perfect counterpart to Ken and offers intellectual, level-headed responses to the hottest topics of the day.”