I was really excited to see the U.S. Men’s National soccer team advance to the semifinals of the Copa America, and the continued coverage. Led by Clint Dempsey, the team showed itself to be stronger than anticipated.

However, I take issue with the choice of wording by The Associated Press on June 17. The article stated that “Dempsey’s 52nd international goal (was) five behind Landon Donovan’s American record … .”

Actually, it is 132 goals behind Abby Wambach’s American record of 184 goals scored in international play. It’s barely over a third of Mia Hamm’s second place of 158 goals. In fact, Dempsey’s 52nd goal would land him outside of the top 10 American goal scorers. There are nine women who scored 60 or more goals.

I don’t want to take away from Dempsey’s great game and the spark that he has given to the U.S. Men’s team, but I also want to see accurate coverage of American goal scorers.

If we are going to designate a U.S. Women’s team, then please extend the courtesy to say that Dempsey is close to the U.S. Men’s record. The U.S. Women’s National Team has far exceeded the U.S. Men’s National Team in terms of success and international respect, but, sadly, not in compensation for their achievements.

As they say: “Equal pay for equal play.”

Jeremy Stein