Cynthia Dill’s May 29 Insight column on the State Department inspector general’s report leaves the impression that it is uninformed and outright stupid to investigate Hillary Clinton’s misuse of a private email server to conduct U.S. government business.

How does illegal use of such a secretive mechanism “prove” Hillary Clinton is the “most qualified and trustworthy candidate” for president? Ms. Dill acknowledges the “breaking the rules” portion of the report is only six pages long. Is she kidding? Six pages about rule breaking and confidential U.S. documents on a private server?

Shouldn’t we expect a secretary of state to make it his or her priority to review the existing Foreign Affairs Manual or to have it reviewed by qualified legal counsel? To blame such gross failure to do so on “longstanding systemic weaknesses” (debunked lie) is ridiculous.

If Clinton felt that her hiding personal emails was business as usual, what else might she be hiding? Wasn’t the existence of a secret, personal email server blurted out in a congressional hearing on Benghazi? Was this business as usual?

But wait – didn’t President Obama direct that there be no such use of private email servers to conduct government business? Clinton decided this directive did not apply to her. She left office, declaring all emails had been relinquished to the government. Not so! She kept 30,000-plus emails to destroy at her leisure, destroying them only after they were requested by a government investigating authority.

Look, it’s not just emails. It is the continuous scheming, sleazy handling of official documents and dodging responsibility (remember Benghazi) without any reprimand. She should have been fired!

Blaming the death of four Benghazi personnel on a video; telling one victim’s father that she’d “have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of (your) son”; having Susan Rice lie to us; denying this was a terrorist attack; and blowing her cool in a congressional hearing, asking “What difference does it make?” when referring to their deaths.

Ms. Dill is flat out wrong in trying to convince us of Clinton’s unbiased evaluation on such an important national concern.