I have been reading on and off articles about folks protesting in front of Planned Parenthood buildings. I applaud their passion and energy to fight for life. However, I believe their time and energy could be used to help children already here.

There are babies born addicted who need to be held 24/7 to fight withdrawal symptoms. What parent and nurse wouldn’t appreciate another set of arms to cradle and support?

There are children in foster homes and orphanages who could use a Big Brother or Big Sister to spend time with. Classrooms are accommodating all abilities, and what teacher wouldn’t appreciate volunteers to come in and give a child one-to-one assistance? It’s an opportunity to raise self-esteem and confidence.

Both single and coupled parents could use respite to re-energize and have time for themselves for one evening.

And there are other ways to help. Create or take part in a Neighborhood Watch to prevent drugs, gangs and guns from entering and finding our children. Support legislation to punish sex trafficking, child abuse and child pornography.

Let’s be proactive and lead the fight for those already here.

Nancy Pleiter-Sadowy