PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — New Hampshire officials say a Maine woman who was pulled from the Piscataqua River after jumping from the Interstate 95 bridge is in critical condition.

Authorities say they received a report just after 10 a.m. Thursday that someone had jumped off the bridge that runs between Maine and New Hampshire.

The Coast Guard’s South Portland station had a crew nearby, assisting in the investigation of Wednesday’s accident in which a tanker hit three moored sailboats in river, and that crew pulled the woman out of the water, said Lt. David Bourbeau.

“They came upon her first and rescued her,” Bourbeau said of the three-man crew.

She was in the water between the I-95 and Sarah Mildred Long bridges.

Officials say the 38-year-old woman from Kittery, Maine, was taken to Portsmouth Regional Hospital, where she remained in critical condition.