Maine has so much to offer visitors to our state, and these travelers are most welcome. But no one appreciates a lousy houseguest.

The vast majority of those who come here are respectful and decent folk. Yet there are also those who treat their vacation/visit as an opportunity to be stupid or inconsiderate regarding the land and waters and those who live in the communities where they are spending time.

The litterbugs, the late-night rowdies, the road cloggers, the “I’ve forgotten how to drive(rs)” and those who feel it’s fine to let the under-aged (in their care) operate vehicles or believe that, since they’re on holiday, they can do anything they want.

Mainers look forward to the warm weather settling in, but the arrival of vacationers can be a mixed bag of excitement, worry and concern for how they will spend their time with us. Let’s face it, aren’t we are all just guests on this planet?

Peter Anderson

Peaks Island