From Gov. LePage’s very first days in office, his administration has waged an unprecedented campaign against Maine’s environmental protections and values.

The great majority of Mainers reject the governor’s simplistic and false opposition of jobs versus the environment. The common-sense truth is that Maine’s economy depends upon protecting our conservation heritage and maintaining a safe and clean environment.

The governor’s environmental policies are consistently outmoded and self-defeating. A case in point is his irrational opposition to necessary clean energy development like solar and wind.

His veto of the 2016 solar bill, for example, not only prevented new solar jobs but also threatened existing jobs in this growing sector. According to his own public advocate, the solar bill would have significantly reduced ratepayer energy costs. Contrast this with the governor’s hypocritical support of direct taxpayer subsidies for the struggling biomass industry.

Another notable example is LePage’s belief that metallic mining on Bald Mountain would be a net benefit for the economy.

The Legislature rejected this proposal because it would simply give a major corporation short-term profits at the long-term expense of a legacy of toxic pollution.


Beyond environmental issues, Mainers recognize an all-too-familiar pattern of the governor’s irresponsible, abusive behavior. Whether his target is the Natural Resources Council of Maine’s donors or Speaker Mark Eves, he is misusing the power of his office to wage a baseless campaign against his political opponents.

Sadly, Gov. LePage is reminding us once again why he has become a state and national embarrassment.

Becky Bartovics

North Haven

Tony Donovan


Executive Committee chair and vice chair, Sierra Club Maine

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