A Saco man who was reported missing in New Hampshire early this week was arrested Thursday night after walking into a Portsmouth residence with a hatchet and reportedly asking for work, police said.

Gabriel Nodarse, 19, was charged with criminal trespassing, Portsmouth police Sgt. Chris Kiberd said Saturday.

Nodarse, who was reported missing Monday, had last been seen at the Geneva Point Center, a conference center and summer camp in Moultonborough, New Hampshire.

Kiberd said a resident on Peverly Hill Road in Portsmouth heard someone in his kitchen shortly after 9 p.m. Thursday. When the homeowner came into the room, he confronted Nodarse, who was holding a hatchet.

Nodarse apparently entered the house through an unlocked door. He “seemed to be under the influence of some kind of substance or having a mental issue” when he encountered the homeowner and later police, Kiberd said.

Nodarse did not use the hatchet in a threatening manner and police don’t know where he acquired it, according to Kiberd.

“We don’t know. He wouldn’t tell us. We canvassed the neighborhood and no one could account for it,” he said.

The resident called police and officers were able to coax Nodarse out of the house into the driveway, where he was taken into custody without incident. When he talked to officers, Nodarse was disoriented and did not make sense but said he was looking for work, according to Kiberd.

Moultonborough police conducted an extensive search for Nodarse after he was reported missing. According to news reports, he left his belongings at Geneva Point Center. It is unclear how or why Nodarse came to Portsmouth, Kiberd said. Moultonborough is about an hour-and-a-half-drive from Portsmouth.

Nodarse was being held on $250 cash bail in the Rockingham County Jail.