Concerning the “grandparent scam” in Wiscasset (where a woman lost $12,000 to a caller who pretended to be her grandson), I would like to mention the latest scam we got in the mail, supposedly from Spain.

This one even sent a so-called valid check in the amount of $3,650 – invalid after 180 days. The letter explained that as we are poor, they were advancing us the money to pay the processing fee of $3,500 to release our $1 million winning in the lottery.

Of course, I filed the check in my desk and waited for the call. Two weeks later, I got a call asking if I’d deposited their check.

I said “No, it was for too much money. It should have been for $3,500.” He said “That’s okay. Just deposit it and send us a new check for $3,500.”

I said “No way!” He asked, “Are you giving up your winnings?” I said, “Yes.” He hung up.

These people never give up. Beware!

Frank D. Slason